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On December 7th, our educational seismometer SEP registered the  magnitude Mw 6.9 earthquake occurred in Tajikistan at 7:50 UTC. Tajikistan lies in a geodynamic context where the Indian plate is moving northward with a velocity of about 37 mm/year.

On November the 30th, 21:42:44 local time, the northern coast of Tuscany was hit by a small earthquake of magnitude ML 2.1 followed, few minutes later, by a second earthquake of magnitude ML 1.5. The same pattern was repeated the following …

Earthquakes along the northern Tuscan coast Read More »

Seismic record of the Mw 7.1 from Vanuatu Island (10/20/2015) obtained by the Slinky seismometer.

Back from Maker Faire we reinstalled our open source seismic station connected to the Slinky seismometer, but we never ever hoped that it could be able to spot an earthquake coming from the Vanuatu Islands. These islands are about 16,500 kilometers away from Italy …

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The Slinky seismometer

Coming back from three overwhelming days passed at Rome Maker Faire 2015, visited by more than 100,000 people, we would like to share our experience. This year we were representing INGV, acknowledged as official Partner. The low cost seismic station project we usually talk about in this blog was accompanied, at the booth 12 …

Our experience at the Maker Faire Rome 2015 Read More »

We are about to come back to Rome to attend the Maker Faire. You can find us at INGV stand –  pavilion I, booth 12 – with a prototype of a “Slinky” seismometer consisting of a mass suspended on a slinky spring , attached to …

Seismometers and earthquakes at the Maker Faire Rome 2015 #MFR15 Read More »

Our SEP seismometer has recorded the strong earthquake (magnitude Mw=8.3) occurred at 10.54 p.m UTC September 16th along the Chile coast. Here is the plot of a two hour seismic signal starting from the earthquake origin time.

Today we installed the Mindsets UK SEP seismometer which will replace the S13 sensor in our educational seismic station.

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